Dedicatory Yoga to Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine


~Be With Divine… Dedicatory Yoga to that Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine
 Would you like experience the historic moment of dedicatory yoga with us?

Dedicatory Yoga to Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine
September 28, 2019
Master Sudhakar, one of the rare yoga masters of classical yoga that has been handed down for 5000 years, will teach Yoga at at Heian Jingu, which has been revered in the ancient capital Kyoto and has watched the prayers of many worshipers.

Free admission!!

Heian Jingu Shrine, created with the prayers for peace of the world.
Yoga that brings peace of mind and prayer power.

Vanakkam Yoga School by Master Sudhakar had the opportunity to dedicate yoga at Miyazaki Three Shrines, including Heian Jingu Shrine and the Japanese mythological hometown Takachiho Shrine in 2017.

Let’s experience dedicating yoga that has been handed down with a long history in Heian Jingu Shrine in the ancient capital of Kyoto together!

You can participate in this once-in-a-lifetime valuable experience for free.
Yoga lover!
Yoga beginners, too!
Anyone can join us!

A day when you and your loved ones are invited to experience a sacred moment together.
A flood of reservations is expected from all over the country!
Sign up now to avoid missing this valuable opportunity! !

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The newest information about dedication yoga at Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine or a short story of yoga by Master Sudhakar that can be useful for everyday life is available on this official facebook page.

*VYS=Vanakkam Yoga School

■Event outline: Dedication yoga Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine■

Date: Saturday September 28, 2019 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. [Doors open: 9:00a.m.]

*Cancellation: Will be canceled due to rain or bad weather. If it’s canceled you will be notified by e-mail from Peatix at 7:00 a.m. on that day.
If you haven’t applied for Peatix please confirm our official web site.          

*Ending time might be modified depending on the progress status on that day.

●Place: Heian Jingu Shrine, Daigokuden mae (in front of Daigokuden)

<Address> 97 Okazakinishitennocho, Sakyou-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 606-8341

▪From Kyoto station: Take City Bus #5, or Raku Bus #100,110.
Get off at “ Okazaki Park Museum, Heian Jingu mae “ then walk 5 minutes north.
Total time is approximately 30 minutes from Kyoto Station.

▪︎From Hankyu ”Kawaramachi station”: Take City Bus #5, #46, #32
Get off at “ Okazaki Park Museum, Heian Jingu mae”
“ Okazaki Park Rohm Theater Kyoto ・Miyako Messe mae, ” then walk 5 minutes north.
Total time is approximately 20 minutes from ”Kawaramachi station”.

▪︎From Gion, Kiyomizu Temple: Take City Bus #201, #203, #206,
Get off “Higashiyama Nijo・Okazaki Park guchi ” then walk 5 minutes east.

Or take Raku Bus #100, get off at “ Okazaki Park Museum ・ Heian Jingu mae” Then walk 5 minutes north
Total time is approximately 25 minutes from Shimizu road

▪︎The nearest station to Heian Jingu Shrine : Subway Tozai line ”Higashiyama” station” get off then walk 10 minutes .
Or Keihan Outou Line “ Sanjyo station “ “Jingu Marutamachi station” get off then walk15 minutes.

●Fee: Free to join
Please bring yoga mat (rug or bath towel are available) The event location's grounds is on pebbles.  
● Instructor : Master Sudhakar
●For all from child to senior, experience not required
● Time: 9:00 a.m. Reception opens
10:00 a.m. Dedication yoga starts
11:30 a.m. Ending
12:00 p.m. Closing
● Belongings : ticket (showing or printing out QR code / reservation completion email)
yoga mat, bath towel or picnic sheet instead of yoga mat
water, towel
●How to apply: This event is free admission but you need a ticket to join.
●How to get the ticket: Please follow the guideline and through booking form and get the admission ticket for“Dedication Yoga at Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine”this site of Peatix.

Please follow the guideline and through booking form and get the admission ticket for“Dedication Yoga at Kyoto Heian Jingu Shrine”this site of Peatix.
Please make sure to read the participation agreement form.
Please take a look (this site) at the here if this is your first time using Peatix.

●How to enter on the day of the event: Show the ticket (QR code) at reception to enter the event. A screenshot of the QR code is acceptable as well.
Printed out QR code is also acceptable. However identification (driver’ ‘s license or insurance card) will be required.

If you have a problem your QR code please email the day before event at 9:00 p.m.

●If Peatix is not available:Please contact @, stating in the title “Dedication Yoga to Kyoto Heian Shrine”.

●To cancel: Please be sure to contact the organizer after reading here.
Alternatively, please email


【Master Sudhakar Profile 】
Born in Kanchipuram, one of India's most sacred cities, he started yoga at the age of 11. After being a disciple at Swami Chandrananda and completing teacher training at the age of 15, he was awarded "Yoga Baskala", which signifies the highest level of leadership. Furthermore, in 2001, he received the "Best Yoga Master Award".

His long and rich teaching experience, ranging from children to elderly people and facilities for the disabled, has gained tremendous trust and popularity as one of the few yoga masters that everyone can trust with peace of mind.

He is the founder of "Vanakkam Yoga School", a school where you can learn the essence of yoga. Over the last few years, he has been visiting Japan every year, and has been traveling around Japan and abroad, focusing on Asia, as a "moving ashram (= a yoga study house in India)" to teach yoga. All courses held as well as intensive teacher training are filled with a large number of participants each time.


【Notes】Please be prepared to present your ticket at the reception desk on the day.

Eating and drinking in Heian Jingu Shrine is prohibited. Since hydration is possible, we would appreciate your own preparation and intake as needed for measures against heatstroke.

Please use Heian Jingu Shrine grounds carefully.
Please follow the instructions of the staff on the day to remove and store shoes during yoga.

Please take all trash with you.

There is no deposit of valuables. Please manage them yourself.
If you manage valuables near your own yoga mat, please do so in a manner that allows yourself and others to move freely around the mat. You can put them in zip-locks under the mat. Thank you very much.

The number of toilets in Heian Jingu Shrine is limited. There is also a public toilet in the approach and train station, so please use this before admission.

There is no changing room, so please make sure to wear comfortable clothes in advance.
We will do yoga in the shrine grounds. We would appreciate your consideration for skin exposure, for both decency and sunburn concerns.


Q:I can’t make a reservation from Peatix.
A: Here's a Link! Page that explains how to make a reservation with a photo. (There is a notation "purchase", but please rest assured that this event is free of charge)

Q: I want to go with my friends, so I want to apply for multiple tickets.
A: There will be one ticket per application, so if you wish to apply for more than one ticket, you will need to process for the number of people. Sorry for your inconvenience.
Please fill out the application form and apply for the information of the participants. Transfer tickets issued by the day to your friends
Thank you for your understanding. Here's how to transfer it.

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Please contact the organizer according to the cancellation method described here.
If you can’t cancel from Peatix, please email

Q: QR code is not displayed on the smartphone.
A: Display it on a computer, print it out, and bring it with you. If you do not have a PC, complete the reservation from Peatix on your smartphone or mobile phone on the day.
Please present the e-mail at the reception desk along with your identification (driver's license, insurance card etc.).

Q: Do I need to wear white clothes to join the event?
A: Dress code is free. White clothes are not necessary but it is recommended to wear clothes that are easy to move in. Low exposure clothes are preferable because the location is a Shrine. There is no locker room so please prepare beforehand so that you do not need to change at the event.

Sat Sep 28, 2019
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM JST
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京都市左京区岡崎西天王町 Japan